New ConTex shows an upward trend

(06.04.2018) The New ConTex continued its upward movement. This week, it rose by 9 points to 487 and resulted in the highest quotation since August 2015. All segments registered rate increases between 0.5 and 3.7%.

The biggest jump in rates over the past week has been seen in the panamax segment. The rates of 3,500 TEU vessels increased 3.7% to USD 11,861 per day over a period of 24 months, whilst the 2,700 TEUs class as well as the 1,100 TEUs class gained 2,7 percentage points which correpsonds to a rate of USD10,782 and USD8,343 over a period of 12 months. The 2,500 TEU segment attained rather marginal gains.

Activity will most likely stay firm during the coming weeks. Tonnage for most vessel types remains popular and we currently do not see any market deterioration.