New ConTex + 11 points!

(23.03.2018) The positive trend remain unchanged– Owners can see in all segments a fairly good demand with less tonnage supply. Sizes between 1700 TEU nominal and 3500 TEU nominal getting fixed at 5 digits while the 4250 TEU segment is still close to that new level/benchmark.

Compared to New ConTex March 2017 – 2018 (Year – on – Year) we can see an improvement between 23,8% for the 1100teu segment basis 12 mos valuation upto 52,6% for the 1700 TEU / 12 month valuation. Again it is notable that so far the 1100 teu segment is showing the smallest improvements.

Outlook – with the unchanged very active market owners will try to set new benchmarks in all segments and Charterers / operators might be forced to cover their windows sooner than later.