New ConTex stabile!

(21.07.207) Although the integration of large newbuildings which is indirectly impacting the Charter Market, Owners remain hopeful that the continued tightening of prompt available ships will finally result in more substantial rate increases.

For the time being the New ConTex is drifting in all segments sideways on the same ratelevel as last week.

On a month on month basis there is a slight downward trend from 388 to 381 points with the biggest jump again reported in the 4250 TEU size of -8,9% for 12 month and -6.4% for 24 month followed by -5.3% for 12 month and -2.5% for 24 month in the 3500 teu segment.

The trend in the mid sizes becomes marginal with only -4.2% resp. -3.5% for 12 month and just -2.7% and -2.4% for 24 month for the 2700 and 2500 teu sizes and it has to be seen if this slight weakening is going to continue despite it looks as if only a view vessels in this segment coming available during the forthcoming weeks.

In the 1100 and 1700 teu segment there are no real reportable changes.