New ConTex: wait and see!

(14.07.2017) The market has slowed down a bit due the summer as historically tends to, the mood of operators seems a bit to be wait and see especially in the bigger segments. One of the segments that was mainly affected is the Panamax segment that is facing a downturn in the last weeks even though now it seems having reached a sort of stable level assessed around USD 7,300 for 12 months period. The 2800 TEU segment seems still stable in Asia where vessels are still managing to secure charterers at around USD 9k whereas in the Atlantic some spot tonnage are starting to build up and has to be seen how this will impact rates there.

In the smaller segment namely 1700 and 1100 the market has been moving sideways recently. In the 1100 the Atlantic is stronger than pacific whereas in the 1700 teu segment the situation is fairly similar, except for Caribs where the rates achievable seems to be higher.

Overall the situation is better compared to one year ago, especially because in Spring this year we saw a considerable rates increase shown in the New ConTex index accordingly in nearly all segments, especially 2,500-2,800-3,500 and 4,250