New ConTex - 2

(09.06.2017) The New ConTex followed its trend of the last 2 weeks and dropped another 3 points during last week. The Index is now back below the 400 mark at 398 points, which we saw last in April this year (week 16).

Last week all the Week-on-Week rates were already in red, but at least some (2500 and 2700Teu) of the Month-on-Months rates still remained in black we saw that last week even these number slipped into red basis M-o-M.

Mainly all sizes basis W-o-W are just showing small decreases (around/less then 1%) and only the old Panamax size of 4250 Teu is down by more then 2% in both evaluations (12 mos and 24 mos). We do fear that the above mentioned trend may till continue as especially the old Panamax size may likely suffer further.