The traditional Eisbeinessen of the Hamburg Shipbrokers' Association is also a highly popular event this year. As VHSS Chairman Christian Koopmann confirms, “We note continued interest from Germany and other countries. It is gratifying that precisely the number of guests from Asia has again increased. Despite all the changes going on in the world, it will no doubt always remain the case that people love to socialise. This is perhaps also the real secret of the success of the Eisbeinessen.”

In view of the many events large and small to which local brokers, agents and shipping lines invite guests in the run-up to the dinner, we can meanwhile talk of an “Eisbein Week”. Its crowning conclusion is the traditional dinner in the CCH on Friday evening. Approx. 4,500 guests are expected to come to the actual meal.

Sweden is this year’s partner country, following Brazil last year. As Koopmann notes: “Sweden might not be one of the largest customers of the Port of Hamburg, but it is one of the most loyal. And we welcome that almost even more.”

Back in 1261, the Kingdom of Sweden and Hamburg signed a trade treaty that laid the foundation for close economic and cultural ties. Today Sweden is still an important partner for the Port of Hamburg and one of its top ten customers. Just in terms of container transshipment, Sweden accounting for close on 330,000 TEU transshipment volume is the 8th most important port customer. Total transshipment volume in trade with Sweden via Hamburg came to approx. 4.7 million tonnes in 2014. Transport from and to Sweden is also very significant for the ports Lübeck, Kiel and Rostock.

Prior to the Eisbeinessen, the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg will hold a reception in the Townhall on Thursday November 5th 2015. At this function, Senator Frank HORCH, Hamburg's Minister of Economics, Transport and Innovation, will welcome guests and explain the Senate's current positions on port policy. Johan EHN, Chairman of the Swedish Shipbrokers' Association, will speak for the partner country.

The actual Eisbeinessen will take place on November 6th 2015 from 18.00 in the CCH. It is a private function, only members of the VHSS are allowed to book tables.


Directive 2010/65/EU establishes that Member States of the European Union shall accept the fulfilment of reporting formalities in electronic format and their transmission via a single window no later than 1 June 2015. This single window shall be the place where all information is reported once and made available to various competent authorities and other Member States. In Germany the National Single Window will start on the 1. June 2015. From this date onwards every reporting has to be done electronically via the National Single Window. This reporting is subject to charges. For further information you can call your local agent or visit the webpage

The 67. Eisbein Dinner will take place on the 6 of November 2015. Further Details will published in due cource.

The New ConTex closes with a gain of 7 points to 417 and is following the positive developments of the previous weeks. A remarkable increase of 59 index points (16,5%) when looking at the Year-on-Year figures. All sizes marked again slighty higher this week, not signifiant, except for the Panamax sector where there is a change of + $ 550-561 (+3,8-4,3%) for 24 respectively 12 months. Unimpressed of the Chinese New Years holidays one can say that the container chartering market remains still positive with a