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New ConTex - Alle Raten/Angaben in US-Dollar($)

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Datum Type 1100 Type 1700 Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 ConTex Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 Type 1100 Type 1700
03.05.2016 7.322 7.450 7.582 7.654 7.489 7.604 340 6.136 6.180 5.768 5.295 7.027 7.088
28.04.2016 7.339 7.497 7.614 7.708 7.563 7.640 342 6.113 6.171 5.787 5.333 7.022 7.106
26.04.2016 7.311 7.458 7.612 7.645 7.578 7.626 341 6.103 6.160 5.755 5.341 7.011 7.044
21.04.2016 7.303 7.487 7.614 7.672 7.579 7.655 342 6.094 6.145 5.771 5.341 7.012 7.066

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The New ConTex has been published by the Hamburg Shipbrokers’ Association (VHSS) since October 2007. Compared with other indices, the New ConTex is the only global, company-independent index for containership chartering. The current panel comprises 16 recognized shipbrokers in Hamburg, Copenhagen, London, Paris and now from Singapore.

On this issue Dr. Alexander Geisler, the managing director of the Hamburg Shipbrokers' Association, comments: "We are delighted that with Navis Chartering Pte. Ltd. a competent competitive broker from Singapore joined the panel of our index. Now the New ConTex is the only freely accessible index that unites all essential broker locations in its panel."

Mr Bjoern Jochmann, managing director of Navis Chartering Pte. Ltd., is also very pleased with the new cooperation. "The New ConTex is one of the few indices, which is known worldwide and has gained reputation throughout the maritime industry. Therefore, we are more than happy that we can now use our experience as a competitive broker for container ships in Asia to contribute to this index. "

Navis Chartering Pte. Ltd. is an established, independent and dynamic ship-brokering firm headquartered in Singapore with a branch office in Kuala Lumpur and Hamburg. Navis Chartering Pte. Ltd. was founded in October of 2011 and its multinational team of brokers and support staff provides a detailed knowledge of the rapid changing shipping markets and their conditions. Navis Chartering Pte. Ltd. enjoys an excellent business relationship with a large number of owners, charterers, shipbrokers, banks, traders and shipyards worldwide.

Thank you to more than 5.200 guests. See you next year at the EISBEIN 2016.

We are ready..... See you at the EISBEIN 2015..........!!!!


(4.5.16) The first week of May did not bring much positive news to the charter market. The New ConTex was reduced by another 2 points to 340. All segments was this week reduced though only marginally – whether this factual or influenced by a holiday week in both Asia and Europe remains to be seen. Generally the market must be considered as stable at a low level.

Contrary to previous weeks the 4250 TEU segment experienced some activity but with the short term charter rates being under pressure. Activity in the mid-size segment appeared somewhat reduced although a number of modern vessels was taken out of the market on ‘longer term’ charters.

Following a rising trend for some months the 1100 TEU feeder segment may have lost a little momentum although certain areas indeed still appear under supplied.

(22.4.16) This week we didn't notice substantial chartering activity and specifically at such rates that would justify upward/downward movement of the NewContex. Indeed, the Index moved sideways yet for week 16 as it can be shown below. This was also reflected in the various size segments. There was marginal change in all sizes showing stability except the 4250 TEU vessels for 12 months for the well known reasons of numerous idle tonnage and the absence of employment. Also the MOL "E" Class 4600 design fixture this week with CMA at levels below USD 5,000 might have contributed to the decrease in this segment intensifying the negative sentiment for the bigger tonnage. The 1100 TEU and 1700 TEU for 12 months have seen marginal increase this week. This can be attributed to a very stable and strong Mediterranean market at the moment where the supply of 1100-1700 TEU vessels does not match the increasing demand which traditionally appears in the Mediterranean during Spring. Asia remains still weak for all segments with few and short period orders and with fixtures at levels similar to or marginally less than last done. The rate differences between Far East and the Mediterranean has already many owners considering to position their far east tonnage in European waters. Even though there have been interesting fixtures of 1100 TEU vessels in the Mediterranean we do not have enough evidence to support the argument that this increase in the rates of the 1100s and 1700s is here to stay. Time will tell.      

(15.04.16) The sideward movement of the New ConTex also continued this week. Week 15 ended in a change of +2 points in comparison to the last one. Such minor increase is mainly driven by the smaller segments, which are showing a more favourable supply and demand situation in some of the areas resulting in more stable respectively sometimes slightly firmer rates.

The bigger segments though are still under immense pressure and some further decrease of the market rates might be seen.

The 12 months New ConTex figure for the 4250 TEU vessels could possibly decrease further over the coming week(s) as the quoted figure is presently above actual achievable market level. This especially applies to the physical market in the Far East, where pretty much all fixtures within this segment have been concluded so far within April and where the available tonnage is located.

The downward trend of the New ConTex for the 4250 TEU vessels could potentially be reversed once fixtures for extensions in the Atlantic area will be concluded. Having in mind the supply situation there (no idle tonnage) the achievable rates should definitely be stronger in comparison to the Far East.

 The movement of the 24 months figure for the 4250 TEU vessel is hard to predict as no business for such period is available in the market.