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Datum Type 1100 Type 1700 Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 ConTex Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 Type 1100 Type 1700
12.01.2017 6.064 6.436 6.704 6.987 6.596 6.423 296 5.733 6.087 5.324 4.209 5.775 6.218
10.01.2017 6.064 6.426 6.686 6.959 6.592 6.419 295 5.707 6.063 5.313 4.201 5.784 6.214
05.01.2017 6.076 6.416 6.617 6.938 6.611 6.407 295 5.637 6.001 5.294 4.192 5.788 6.202
03.01.2017 6.092 6.402 6.617 6.920 6.583 6.399 294 5.613 5.993 5.295 4.195 5.790 6.169

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(16.1.17) Der Brexit bringt auch Vorteile mit sich: Der geänderte Wechselkurs EUR-GBR ermöglicht es der Hamburger Berufsschule, die berufsorientierte Studienreise nach London um 100 EUR günstiger anzubieten (650 statt 750 EURO).

Die Reise findet in der Zeit vom 14.-19. Mai 2017 statt. Das Anmeldeformular ist unter http://www.hbt-schule.de/wp-content/blogs.dir/sites/110/2016/10/bewerbungsformular-london-2017.pdf abrufbar. Die Anmeldefrist läuft noch bis zum 15. Februar 2017.

Bei weiteren Fragen zur Reise wenden Sie sich doch bitte direkt an die Berufsschule (shahn@hbt-hh-schule.de).

(20.12.16) Das Bundesverwaltungsgericht in Leipzig hat in der nun zu Ende gegangenen mündlichen Verhandlung drei Tage rechtliche und fachliche Fragen im Zusammenhang mit der Fahrrinnenanpassung von Unter- und Außenelbe für 14,5 m tiefgehende Containerschiffe intensiv erörtert. Hamburg und der Bund konnten ihre Argumente darstellen und die in fundierten Untersuchungen ermittelten Ergebnisse belegen. Der Termin zur Urteilsverkündigung wurde auf den 9. Februar 2017 festgelegt.

Die erörterten Rechtsfragen betrafen teilweise rechtliches Neuland. So wird in der anstehenden Entscheidung des Gerichts über die „Elbvertiefung“ z. B. erstmalig nachzulesen sein, wie deutschlandweit der Rechtsrahmen für Gewässerbewirtschaftung und Gewässerschutz anzuwenden ist.

Nach eigenen Aussagen sei die HPA darauf vorbereitet, im Fall eines positiven Urteils unverzüglich mit den Arbeiten zu beginnen.

(7.11.2016) This year´s EISBEIN was a great success again. More than 4.600 shipping people from all over the world attended in the well-known gathering. Once again, thank you to all guests and sponsors, but a special thank you goes to our friends from the UAE. It was great honor to have you here in Hamburg.  See you again next year at the EISBEIN 2017.


(13.1.2017) It is human nature to find cause for optimism, and the new year brings with it fresh hopes for a recovery in container shipping although the market remains fundamentally imbalanced. As a matter of fact the New ConTex is again improving in all segments this week although overall it is down 11,4 % on year on year, the container market continues to suffer from excess capacity, with the weakness expected to persist for at least one more yea.

The global containership fleet grew by only 1.5% to reach 20.27 Mteu at the end of 2016, the lowest annual growth rate ever recorded in the industry’s history. The low growth rate was driven by the record number of ships scrapped, with a total of 192 containership for 654,900 teu demolished in 2016. The total capacity of containerships deleted reached 200 units for 664,300 teu after adding a handful of de-celled ships and two casualties. We can only hope this tiny recovery of our market will last and the market continues to improve,

(6.1.2017) The new year started on a positive note for the New ConTex with almost all segments increasing on their pre-Christmas figures.

Positive expectations seem to be driven by the record scrapping of container ships in 2016. The 2500 TEU and 4250 TEU categories registered some of the largest numbers of ships scrapped as well as the highest (albeit still modest) rate increases over the last two weeks.

Economic parameters for 2017 appear cautiously positive with slightly higher expected global GDP of around 3,5% than 2016. The ratio of trade to GDP growth has over the last couple of years however decreased and several protectionist movements around the globe bear downside risks to global trade.

Any recovery in charter rates, due to moderate fleet growth in the New ConTex sizes and continously high expected scrapping, could potentially though be hampered by the nowadays common extremly flexible periods.

(23.12.16) The last week of New ConTex of the year 2016 did not show any (positive) surprises at all. Though it would have been desirable to see at least for some classes some improving rate figures, the parameters are not showing any room these days for a positive rate development.

As such the slightly descending trend, which has been lasting now since beginning of the year, also remains intact during the last week.

In detail: this week ended 2 points lower than the last week with an index level of 293 points. Levels like this we have seen so far only once – that used to be back in March 2010. It is worthwhile to mention that back then we have seen a charter hire level for the 1100 TEU ships, which is equal to today’s 12 months evaluation for the 4250 TEU PanMax-Segment. In order to have a memory of the full picture, back in early 2010, the 24 months evaluation of the 4250 TEU ships read about USD 13,800,-, i.e. more than twice the current amount. Amongst others a lot of things changed within the last six and a half years: one change is the amplitude of all the classes which went down from about USD 9,500,- from the biggest to the smallest class to today’s difference of USD 2,745,- only.

Stay strong and Merry Christmas!